Soort evenement
Dr. Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood (Textile Research Centre)
18 juni 2022
13.00 - 14.30
Textile Research Centre, Hogewoerd 164, 2311 HW Leiden
€ 20,- voor donateurs
€ 25,- voor niet-donateurs
€15,- voor studenten (graag bewijs van inschrijving sturen naar

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The tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun, is famous for the gold masks, sarcophagus, chariots, alabaster jars, etc., but how many people are aware that the largest, single group of items from the tomb are linen textiles and clothing? This workshop looks in particular at the linen garments from the tomb that were made for a young boy, a teenager and a grown man. In addition, many of these garments are directly associated with the pharaoh and reflect different aspects of his life as a king, diplomat, priest, warrior and perhaps even a ‘family’ man.

During this workshop, replica garments based on actual clothing from the tomb of Tutankhamun will be used by dr. Vogelsang-Eastwood to highlight all the different sides of Tutankhamun. There will also be a fashion show using these replicas for the attendees to participate in.

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