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Online lezing (ENG)
Khaled Ismail (PhD)
24 mei 2023
19.30 - 20.30
€2,50,- voor donateurs
€ 5,- voor niet-donateurs

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During this talk, Khaled will examine the main purposes of these figurines in their different contexts (ritual, daily life, and funerary) or in other words, to ascertain what the relationship is between these female figurines and their find-spots. Who were the women depicted and who dedicated those figurines? What is the meaning of the female figurines for the different archaeological contexts in which they are found and what are their ritual purposes?

Khaled Ismail works as an archaeological curator at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza. He did his PhD in Ain-Shams University, Cairo in 2019 and has been giving lectures at Fayoum University. Khaled has been accepted as a visiting scholar for the Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO) from July 2023 till September 2023.